Immerse Yourself in Miniature Horse Therapy

Welcome to the world of Miniature Horse Therapy! All of us at Seven Oaks Farm are dedicated to teaching others and sharing years of knowledge and expertise. This seminar format will first provide you with a plethora of information to guide you in starting or revamping your program; then, help you learn how to train and handle your horse in a positive and safe way. Our hope is for you to leave with a clear and well-rounded understanding of what is takes emotionally and physically to have a world-class miniature therapy horse program.

The cost of this all-inclusive seminar is $2,000; this includes:

  • your lodging: Friday and Saturday nights, leaving Sunday morning;

  • lunch and dinner Friday and Saturday;

  • access to Miniature Horse Therapy 102;

  • 1 full day of individualized lectures with Lisa Moad and her staff;

  • 1 full day of handling alongside the staff of Seven Oaks Farm;

  • e-version of your booklet before the seminar, and a bound copy once you arrive;

  • small class size for individualized experience;

  • inclusion in our private Facebook group where we share videos to answer questions and e-files of all the documents;

  • and connections with like-minded horse lovers like yourself to spread joy.


FRIDAY we begin at 9:30am with extensive personalized lectures covering all aspects of miniature therapy horses. The lecture topics will be determined when students arrive to cover sections you may have questions on. You will meet our staff as well as others interested in work with therapy horses. We will provide lunch and dinner at our farm and conclude around 4:30pm with a tour of our facility and introduction to our horses.

SATURDAY we will meet back at the farm at 9:30am and dive right into handling. The first part of the day is spent showing you how we train our horses for therapy work, focusing on lead work, obstacle course and handling methods. Later, we will pack up the horses for an outdoor visit, where we will “hand you the reins” to work thru various scenarios. Our experienced handlers will be right by your side to help you thru the process. Lunch, drinks, snacks and dinner will be provided for the day and all will conclude around 4:30pm.

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Seven Oaks Farm

2534 Millville Shandon Rd

Hamilton OH 45013



  1. Who We Are

  2. What Makes Us Different; Health Management

  3. Choosing the Right Horse; List of Breeders

  4. Lisa Moad’s Training Philosophy

  5. Horse Training

  6. Ground Work

  7. Bathing & Grooming

  8. Trainers vs. Handlers; Handler Registration

  9. Biosecurity

  10. Volunteering

  11. Volunteer Paperwork; Ohio Equine Law

  12. Release Forms; Insurance

  13. Materials List

  14. Visit Procedures

  15. Visit Health Concerns

  16. Sample Letters

  17. Horse Registration, Record Keeping; Sample Logs

  18. Creating a 501(c)(3)