The Lisa Moad Methodology

Miniature Therapy Horses 101 and 102


Welcome to the world on miniature therapy horses! Chances are, you are here to gather some information about starting your own program and you want some place to start. We were once like you, and turned to many outlets - no one would give us the information we asked for. Soon after, we starting writing and creating our own! Now, with therapy programs across the United States and Canada, Miniature Therapy Horses 101 and 102 are the perfect place to begin your rewarding journey thru animal assisted therapy.

Quick Tip!

  • If you are someone who is curious about doing therapy and trying to get some basic info - I recommend 101. I hope this DVD series will help people make a good decision and understand what this takes emotionally, physically and financially.

  • If you are someone thinking that you want to pursue doing therapy and need help to get going - 102 is the way to go. This online collection is very thorough and will walk you thru being a handler and training your miniature therapy horse.

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Miniature Therapy Horses 101 is in partnership with Whispering Ponies Ranch; for $59.99 + S&H you receive a 6-disk DVD set with coinciding booklet. This material will walk you thru setting up your organization, choosing horses, registration of your therapy horses, and so much more. Originally based off our Intensive Seminar material, this series gives you brief overviews of what to think about when making visits and creating a program for miniature horse therapy. In total, there is 6 hours of lectures and information + 2 bonus DVDs that include an interview with Lisa Moad and extra pictures of miniature therapy horses at events.

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Even if you just happened upon this site and want to get more information, we have an open Facebook group for Miniature Therapy Horses 101. You are welcome to ask questions on that group before you commit to buying the series. We are here for you! Feel free to ask questions.

Bobbi & Lisa


Miniature Therapy Horses 102 is a continuum of Miniature Therapy Horses 101; for $350 you will receive an e-version of our revised booklet and links with the password to access the lecture videos. This series is available entirely ONLINE, with over 12 hours of detailed lectures and a plethora of how-to videos. The revised booklet includes sections that coincide page by page with the online videos. These lectures cover similar material to the DVD series, but in much more detail. We discuss why we do what we do, stories behind the decisions we make, and walk thru video examples of how to handle your therapy horse during visits.

Exclusive Facebook Group Access

Complete with: editable versions the documents in the revised booklet, live videos by Lisa Moad to demonstrate answers to questions and a place to network with fellow mini horse lovers.

( A PayPal Payment Plan also available for this seminar)

Looking for Miniature Therapy Horses 103 and 104? Or interested in Miniature Therapy Horse Registration? That will all be through Seven Oaks Farm Miniature Therapy Horses, click the link below.


Meet our Animals

We are truly in love with all the animals who have come to our farm. They are all unique in their own special way. Some, are spectacular therapy horses, others make visitors smile (ehm… Miss Molly). Still other four-legged creatures keep the mice out of our horses’ feed. And we are incredibly thankful for each & every one of them.



The Minis



With her giant heart and spirited personality, this sweet girl enjoys the kids event. Only 2 years old, this filly is destine to bring joy for quite a long time!



As if he knows where the camera is, Denver is ready to pose. This 6 year old gelding is often requested at therapy events, and is known to strut his stuff.



The “dinner bell” of the herd. My pride and joy and Mother’s Day gift after we first moved to the farm. He is certain to make your smile and laugh out loud.



The heartthrob of the farm. This 4 year old mare often makes visits during anti-bullying events. She is most remembered, and one of the most requested.



This stunning miniature friesian (or so we think) was one of the rescues from last year. He is the sweetest 8 year old you have ever met. 🖤



Princess Wendy is our go-to girl! This sweet girl has our heart & soul; and she will certainly have yours too when you meet her.

And, our newest member of the farm…


Yasiel Puig

Seven Oaks Farm Yasiel’s a Dream

Please help us welcome our first Seven Oaks Farm baby! Son of Patches and Buck Owens, the arrival of this boy has been highly anticipated. He was born on Cincinnati Red’s Opening Day so naturally, he needed a name associated with one of Cincinnati’s finest.

This boy has a bit of spunk to him, rightly nick-named “Wild Horse”. Yasiel, one of our new Redlegs members; dedicates his foundation towards inspiring children towards better quality of life. Puig’s foundation: is named: “Wild Horse Children’s Foundation”. What a perfect connection!

If this boy has the temperament like his sire and dam - he is sure to be helping children all across the Cincinnati area. He will certainly be a horse to remember.



The “Bigs”



This sweet ‘ol’ soul is somewhere around 12 years old. He’s a go-getter under the saddle, and always a sweetheart for grooming.


Kammoben Zor

My 8 year old gelding, this boy is a Gypsy Vanner. He’s been on the farm since he was 8 months old and is the Grandson of The Gypsy King and true to the breed: sweet and kind.



This boy is such a lover. He came with his partner in crime, Bear. This boy is very easy-going and has the warmest eyes that grab your heart.


The Dogs


The Newfoundlands



Our big 5 year old, 180 lb “barn dog” who loves to watch over her horses.



A German Shorthaired Pointer, this gal always love to search for birds.



This forever puppy, always ready to play is from the same litter as Nana. Both are 7.



This sweet little girl will steal your heart, the smallest of the bunch, but momma bear to the newfys!



Aptly named after Peter Pan, Miss Nana will always search you out for pets.



The old “fart” around the farm, this guy is close to 13 years old.


Miss Molly


How can you not love this face! This 5 year old “teacup” pot belly roams around with the dogs during the summer and hides in her pigpen during the winter. She is the most requested when visitors come to the farm.


Kitty Kats

The most mischievous of the bunch…

















Gifted Animals

Each of these horses has had a very significant role in the therapy horse program, since our goal is to equip others with the ability to serve their own community, we have chosen to gift these horses to aspiring or current programs across the United States.

Serving Others. Bringing Joy. Offering Hope.



IMG_4978 2.jpg

Willie Nelson

Our own, Shelby Reynolds; who plans to be starting her own equine assisted therapy program with her coveted “boys”. Shelby is finishing up school in mental health counseling at Xavier University. Her true passion is with children and teens; she is such a light during visits.


Scarlet Elsa

IMG_4112 2.JPG






Emmanuelle Triel runs a very special therapy horse program in Oregon; we are thrilled these girls have joined her program.

IMG_9209 2.jpg

Alan Jackson


Jimmy Buffett

Alan & Jimmy just recently arrived in Utah. Colleen Oviatt was introduced to us thru a past seminar participant. These two were greeted with a Welcome Home party and are sure to love their new home. Colleen also plans to continue their training toward excellent therapy horses.




Buck Owens


Kentucky Thunder

“Buck & Tuck” will be the foundation team of a therapy group near us in Harrison, Ohio. These two are now with previous seminar attendees: Christine Jonas and her daughter, Katie. When Chris & Katie came to the farm, they were also instantly attracted to Bo. He followed them around and Katie couldn’t get over how sweet he was; they just had to have him. We are thankful that all three of these sweet boys are staying here in Ohio, and will get all the attention and love this family gives so freely. We are very excited to see their future program.





Diamond & Silk will start a dynamic therapy program catered towards foster children near Nashville, Tennessee. These two sweet girls will make their home within the loving hands of Betsy Tardy and her family.


Kitty Wells



Kitty & Reba traveled “up the highway” to Chillicothe, OH to start a unique outreach program targeted towards recovering addicts. Kristy and her family have done a tremendous job helping those in need in the Lancaster, Ohio area.


Toby Keith

Our ever-loved Toby is also close to Columbus, Ohio. He joined a therapy program focused on classroom reading. You can follow his journey with a previous seminar attendee; Sarah Rhoads - Storybook Miniature Therapy Horses. Watch this sweet boy continue to change lives one heart at a time.


Dolly Parton

Dolly just finished her journey to the west coast to join a therapy program in Oregon. She will continue her therapy training assisting with the children’s program out there. You can follow her journey with Joni Delgado - Elderberry Lane, A Place for Kids.


Animals Gifted to Forever Homes





Eli & Zeke were gifted to a dear friend right up the road from us. Shay Hill runs a very successful alpaca farm, and has always had a love for donkeys. These two have made her dreams come true. ❤️




Waylon Jennings

A local dad was searching for some animals his two boys could learn to care for and groom, just as he had as a child. We decided these two boys would be the perfect match for his two boys. Elvis & Waylon are living the perfect life with young horsemen.


Mama & Ginger

Another past seminar participant, Bonnie Morrison (aka: Ask Sherman) wanted two minis to love and care for all day long. Bonnie has done extensive work rescuing four-legged animals all across the Cincinnati area. She is now “unofficially* retired and cares for these two lovely ladies, along with a few others at her beautiful farm. They are well fed, loved and nurtured all day long - the perfect life.

Bonnie has also gifted a few barn cats to Seven Oaks. We are grateful for all of our animals & the special role they play here at the farm.







These three lovely ladies will be making their way down the road to a sweet lady named Brenda Parks. A former equestrian, she is adding to her love of full size horses with these three littles. They will be living the life of beloved pets and enjoying the comforts of their new home.



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