The Lisa Moad Methodology

Miniature Therapy Horses 101-103

Let us help you create your own miniature horse therapy program. Whether you already have a program or are hoping to start one; this is the place for you! We’ve been there… having really cute horses and wanting to set up the best program. We called many different organizations, but no one was willing to answer our questions, so we decided to pave the way for miniature therapy horse groups. One of our main goals in setting up our nonprofit organization was to help others create successful programs and share the knowledge we have learned over the years.


Miniature Therapy Horses 101

Miniature Therapy Horses 101 is in partnership with Whispering Ponies Ranch; for $59.99 + S&H you receive a 6-disk DVD set with coinciding booklet. This material will walk you thru setting up your organization, choosing horses, registration of your therapy horses, and so much more. Originally based off our Intensive Seminar material, this series gives you brief overviews of what to think about when making visits and creating a program for miniature horse therapy. In total, there is 6 hours of lectures and information + 2 bonus DVDs that include an interview with Lisa Moad and extra pictures of miniature therapy horses at events.


Miniature Therapy Horses 102

Miniature Therapy Horses 102 is a continuum of Miniature Therapy Horses 101; for $500 you will receive an e-version of our revised booklet (or paper if you prefer a hard copy) and links with the password to access the lecture videos. This series is available entirely ONLINE, with over 12 hours of detailed lectures and a plethora of how-to videos. The revised booklet includes sections that coincide page by page with the online videos, as well as guide you thru all the questions you may have. These video lectures cover similar material to the DVD series, but in much more detail. We discuss why we do what we do, stories behind the decisions we make, and walk thru video examples of how to handle your therapy horse during visits.

As an added bonus when purchasing this seminar; you will be included in our exclusive Facebook group complete with: editable versions the documents in the revised booklet, live videos to demonstrate answers to questions and a place to network with fellow mini horse lovers. You will also have full access to Lisa Moad and her staff to help you further your journey and answer any questions you may have.


Miniature Therapy Horses 103

Miniature Therapy Horses 103 is a culmination of total learning of miniature horse therapy; for $2,000 students receive a weekend full of hands-on training, in-person catered lectures as well as access to everything included in Miniature Therapy Horses 102. This Immersion Seminar builds upon all that you have learned through watching the online lectures, and now allows you to handle horses alongside our experienced handlers.

This seminar is only available at our farm, Seven Oaks Farm, in Ross Ohio. For 2019 we have scheduled 2 throughout the year, and each will be limited to 4 participants; first come, first serve. The small class size caters toward a very personal experience with our experienced handlers, and the ability to handle miniature horses of Seven Oaks Farm at various skill levels of training. This all-inclusive weekend includes your lodging Friday and Saturday evenings; as well as lunch and dinner both days. You will leave having a firm understanding of what it takes emotionally, physically and financially to put together your own world-class miniature therapy horse program.


The 2019 dates for this seminar are:



To sign up, click the link below.


Meet our Animals

As a farm would attest, we’ve got all sizes of horses: “bigs” and “littles”, donkeys, dogs, cats & (last but certainly not least,) a pot belly pig.


The Minis

Wendy at Valor Event


This 3 year old filly has been one of the go-to therapy horses & always the first to greet us when we get to the barn. She has a big heart in a very small package. You will fall deeply in love when you meet this sweet gal.

Willie at CVG

Willie Nelson

Always thinking he’s “On the Road Again,” this 2 year gelding has accompanied Wendy on many of their therapy visits. He often brings back memories for those he visits, and has a heart of gold. His sweet personality and stunning color makes him a favorite.



As if he knows where the camera is, Denver is ready to pose. He is often requested at therapy events, and is known to strut his stuff. With blue eyes to melt your heart, this 6 year old gelding will do.


Kentucky Thunder

We are bluegrass fans here at the farm, and this sweet 1 year old gelding has caught the eye of a Ricky Skaggs’ fan. This sweet boy will steal your heart with his blue eyes.



The heartthrob of the farm. This 4 year old mare often makes visits during anti-bullying events. She is most remembered, and one of the most requested.

Alan Jackson

Alan jackson

This sweet-as-can-be 1 year old gelding will certainly have you longing for a country boy. He and Jimmy Buffett are partners in crime… 😉


Buck owens

This sweet 3 year old is not only striking in color, but as loving as they come. He is perfect for any type of visit because of his height with slow & methodical movement.



Rescued just this year, we are THRILLED to see her progress thru therapy training. This 5 year old mare is a heart throb with her luscious locks and baby-girl personality.



With her giant heart and spirited personality, this sweet girl enjoys the kids event. Only 2 years old, this filly is destine to bring joy for quite a long time!


Dolly Parton

She believes wholeheartedly in working 9 to 5! This 1 year old filly believes in resting on the weekends, preferably in your lap! She is kindhearted and magical (shh!). 🦄



Help us welcome this sweet new filly just 6 months old. She will be going thru the evaluation period soon. Both are very loving, gentle and methodical.



Our Miniature Gypsy Vanner. This 2 year old gelding is the biggest puppy dog of all. He will lay in your lap and follow you around, he’s one to make you smile. ☺️


Jimmy buffett

This boy is all about the happiness! He is a kind hearted 1 year old gelding certain to have everyone singing when he walks in the door. It’s 5:00 somewhere!



Along with Diamond, we have this sweet 6 month old filly. The pair came together and one will not be far from the other. These two sweet girls will be so loved.


Annabelle & Cloud


These two have a permanent stall at our farm. Cloud is a now retired 23 year old broodmare. She came to the farm just 4 days after having Annabelle. Cloud loves her daughter Annabelle and we are so in love with these ladies. Annabelle is now a 4 year old mare, very much a spitting image of her momma. We started taking Annabelle out for therapy visits when she was just 2 weeks old, but Cloud would pace at the fence line until Annabelle came back to the barn. Today, Annabelle and Cloud are both retired here at our farm, and the *moment* Annabelle is out of Cloud’s sight, momma calls for her baby and they’re back together.


The Donkeys



“Eli & Zeke” are brothers, 3 year old geldings that will warm your heart.



The playful brother, always looking for zippers and lead ropes to hold onto.



The "dinner bell” as we call him. This 7 year old gelding is my pride and joy.


The “Bigs”



This sweet ‘ol’ soul is somewhere around 12 years old. He’s a go-getter under the saddle, and always a sweetheart for grooming.


Kammoben Zor

My 8 year old gelding, this boy is a Gypsy Vanner. He’s been on the farm since he was 8 months old and is the Grandson of The Gypsy King and true to the breed: sweet and kind.



This boy is such a lover. He came with his partner in crime, Bear. This boy is very easy-going and has the warmest eyes that grab your heart.


Our Dogs


The Newfoundlands



Our big 5 year old, 180 lb “barn dog” who loves to watch over her horses.



A German Shorthaired Pointer, this gal always love to search for birds.



This forever puppy, always ready to play is from the same litter as Nana. Both are 7.



This sweet little girl will steal your heart, the smallest of the bunch, but momma bear to the newfys!



Aptly named after Peter Pan, Miss Nana will always search you out for pets.



The old “fart” around the farm, this guy is close to 13 years old.


Miss Molly


How can you not love this face! This 5 year old “teacup” pot belly roams around with the dogs during the summer and hides in her pigpen during the winter. She spends her days with the goats, and they are quite the team together.


Kitty Kats

The most mischievous of the bunch, they are often found in the tack room ONLY when they’re hungry…












Fluffer Nutter

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